Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why is everyone on this ChiSox Bandwagon?

Let's lay it on the line here, we've got two organizations in the World Series that aren't exactly known for their winning ways in the last half-century. The Astros (or the Colt 45's for that matter) were not tearing up the baseball world and come in here as Rusty Staubb inspired overdogs.

So what's the deal with the "Go Sox" attitude out there? I'm not critical, as I could care less who wins (I watch, but I have no rooting interest), but why is everyone so enamored of a team that, in the last 90 years, has had stars such as Harold Baines and Luis Aparicio. Do they deserve to win? Were they robbed in recent (or distant) memory? The Astros have had some really nice teams and have knocked on the door a few times. Biggio and Bagwell deserve a win as much as anyone in baseball.

I'm just asking.


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