Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New York GOP on the Fast Track

The 62 New York State Republican county chairmen are going to be making endorsements for Governor and U.S. Senate candidates on December 12, according to State Republican Chairman Stephen Minarik.

Seems a bit early out in front of the 2006 race, but there are many among us who have grumbled in the past about how the NYS GOP often finds itself behind the 8-Ball because it brings its candidates to the floor too late. And it's a justifiable grievance.

Just remember, this doesn't seal the winner's envelope for the party nomination. True enough, as an official endorsement from the Republican Party, it will have an impact as to who fights on and who drops out. But let's be honest. It's a bit of an open secret who the 62 state chairmen will line up behind in the end. Not that it makes a good excuse for lesser candidates looking for their shot, but that's the way the cookie bounces. If you have a candidate and you truly believe in him or her, then you stick with them, and you do it with pride. And that's that.

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