Monday, November 14, 2005

Something to think about

Last night during a debate on the Iraq war and its justification I posed a question that I thought I would bring to this forum.

Taking into consideration how quickly the American publics stomach has turned on the Iraq War because of some short-term difficulties, does anyone think that American society today could handle a world war as it did during WWI and WWII? Could the American public handle a military operation like the invasion of Normandy, where we know thousands of lives will be lost in one day compared to the 2000 after two and a half years that has been lost in Iraq?

My take is they can’t which is the reason our government continues to struggle when it comes to making the difficult but necessary decisions needed to protect and grow our nation. Some of the most important political operations in U.S. history would have never been able to take place today based on the current publics sentiment. Operations like the annexation of Hawaii in 1917, which pretty much saved our buts in WWII and the Spanish American War, which paid the U.S. huge dividends during the Cold War I think would have never made it past the halls of Congress not to mention the UN if proposed today.

With today’s American public it’s know wonder we had inaction with Clinton on Bin Laden and massaging of information like we did with President Bush on Iraq.

I think people have to start realizing that though it’s 2005 and we would like to think that times have changed when it come to running a nation, in truth they haven’t and every nation has to still make the same types of decisions today as they did 100, 200 or 2000 years ago.

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