Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why we went to War

Since New Yorker writer George Packer seems to be having trouble understanding the point of the Iraq War, I thought I would take a moment to help explain.

First lets be clear, the Iraq War was not about finding WMD but preventing it. Our current problem with North Korea and Iran and the handcuffs that those countries WMD programs have around our wrists shows the importance of eliminating Saddam before he could join the WMD club. Saddam with his invasion of Iran and Kuwait and financial support to terrorist bombers in Israel showed that he could no longer be given the benefit of the doubt and had to be eliminated while we still had the chance to set the battle field in our favor. Lets all be honest somebody was going to have to deal with either Saddam or his crazy sons sooner or later.

The second reason is the connection between Saddam and Al-Qaida that the left continues to ignore. It is safe to say by eliminating Saddam President Bush had cut off an almost certain destination for Al-Qaida as they fled Afghanistan. Even the 9-11 report (the pages the left somehow skipped) reported that Saddam had offered Iraq to Bin Laden when he was being kicked out of Sudan. Obviously Bin Laden passed on the offer ending up in Afghanistan instead where the Taliban would have been less obtrusive to his efforts. However that doesn’t mean under desperate times like being kicked out of Afghanistan, Bin Laden wouldn’t have ran to Iraq. President Bush’s immediate saber rattling on Iraq made Bin Laden think twice and the invasion of Iraq sealed off the country and left Bin Laden and his cronies to die or stay trapped in the mountains.

Further as we seen in Poland and Hungary during the cold war, destabilizing a country in a hostile region is a great way to spread democracy and put pressure on hostile neighbors. Because of such moves in Iraq and Lebanon, Syria is trapped and is starting to feel the walls caving in around them.

Finally, since the Roman Empire civilizations have had to deal with doing what is necessary to secure their fate and security. The left hates to study this important historical fact, which is why only the tuff has what it takes to run a country and secure a nation. Even if that means going to war against a hostile axis that is looking to rule the world – remember it was Bin Laden’s fatwa in 1998 where he said in order for them to stop their attacks on the west we must renounce our Christian ways and convert to Islam.

Mr. Packer we didn’t start this war as you and the left like to claim but recent history has shown when you ignore obvious threats as we did with Hitler all you are doing is giving them more time to put the battle field in their favor. President Bush has learned from the mistakes the world had made with Hitler and was not about to do another Munich or Yalta. That and more is what this war is about!

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