Thursday, January 26, 2006

Actually, the Attack on Google is Part of the Master Plan

I commented on this earlier this month, and I am of the same mind now as I was then.

It is necessary for people to call out companies like Google each and every time they make a decision that placates the communist government in China. Irrespective of what their corporate responsibilities are in that country, it must be consistently and repeatedly pointed out what they are doing.

You say baby steps are what will bring greater freedom to the Chinese people, and I agree with you. However, those baby steps will not be made without people protesting against Google's actions that favor the Chinese government. They are a constant reminder that no one should be satisfied with or settle for the anti-democratic situation that currently exists there. Without these protests, no one will know. And if no one knows, then nobody will care. And if no one cares, then nothing will change.

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