Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Governor Tim Kaine will be giving the Dems response to the Prez's address tonight. That's right, one month in to his first term Virginian Kaine will be giving the speech seen (though I like many I imagine, don't intend on having the sound on) by millions of Americans. Could one ask for a better depiction of the dearth of leadership on the issues most important to the American people offered by the opposition party? What will Kaine speak to? Alleviating traffic on the Beltway?One could willingly get sucked into the faux intrigue I suppose: Is this a way for Dems to highlight former Gov and '08 wannabe Mark Warner? A slight to Hillary? to Kerry? (hey, his fax machine still works from Switzerland) What, exactly, are they up to?
Absolutely nothing. Cindy Sheehan is the face of the Democrats and even they aren't stupid enough to give her a prime time microphone. They are adrift, a few months from being electorally slammed yet again by a second term President that is the personification of Evil one moment, and too stupid to know which fork is for what the next.
And Mr. Justice Alito will be there, seated with his colleagues on the nation's highest court tonight. Sweet stuff.

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