Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quinn as next speaker - Time to move?

It's no big surprise that ├╝ber-liberal Christine Quinn was going to become the next speaker of the New York City Council. She had a great relationship with former speaker Gifford Miller, and has steadily risen through the Demo ranks in NYC since working for State Senator Tom Duane when he served in the City Council. But did it have to happen while I still live here?

I became aware of Quinn while managing Stephen Evans's 2003 campaign to free the 3rd Councilmanic district from her grip. I learned then about her combative style and how she rarely lets public opinion or voter mandate stand in the way of what she wants.

I can't picture her reign of terror as speaker being good for the city. She is rather proud of her inability to work well with others, and doesn't seem to have much respect for voters or taxpayers in general. One of her pet issues as speaker will be to repeal term limits on City Council members which were legitimately voted in by New York City residents. Mayor Bloomberg is less than enthused with the prospect of working with her, having butted heads with her in the past.

Quinn is a lifelong servant of government. Like much of her Democrat brethren in the council, she has little experience outside the municipal bureaucracy, and therefore knows only that perpetuation of the bureaucracy will ensure her survival, public good be damned.

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