Friday, February 17, 2006

It’s not about winning the battle; it’s about winning the war.

Using commonsense, it’s not being out of line as Republicans, to say that the chance of someone defeating Hillary Clinton for New York Senate is unlikely. Though we have the pleasure of having a Republican governor, his election resulted from having a former governor that more than overstayed his welcome at a time when even Democrats could recognize a state in decline and a shakeup was needed. Even in New York City, a liberal stronghold, Giuliani won (not on his first try remember) because the prior mayor was a disaster who did more to separate the city than unite it. The city was such a mess that again, even Democrats new some toughness had to be brought back in.

Fortunately for the state and unfortunately for the Republican Party, New York State is currently not in that same situation and Hillary has definitely not overstayed her welcome in the eyes of most voters. This does not mean that as Republicans we should throw in the towel or that there is no purpose in spending money to run against her. Though the small battle that can be waged against her for New York Senate will most likely end up in a loss, the battle itself should have a positive effect for a Republican victory in the overall war for the 2008 Presidency.

If you notice when nobody is looking Hillary makes sure to try and lay a foundation where she can represent herself as a moderate come 2008 so she can appeal to southern voters. Yesterday was a perfect example when she agreed by a yea vote with other senators to allow the extension of the Patriot Act (one of the most hated policies by the left) to come to a vote in the Senate where it will most likely pass. What candidates like John Spence and whoever will get the Republican nod should do, is force Senator Clinton to constantly take positions that are extreme left throughout the campaign. Making her take these positions will create great sound bites and quotes that can be used against her in 2008 when she has to appeal to a national audience that leans more to the right if anything. Forcing her to take stances on things like gun control, abortion, immigration, and the like that won't win New York but do matter to someone down south in states like Kentucky where electoral votes have been shifting and the presidency won, will end up hurting her in the long run and screw up her plan of trying to appeal as a moderate.

Though the skirmish Republicans will wage against Hillary for Senate will most likely go down as a short-term defeat, when the smoke clears enough damage should have been done for Republicans to win the war of 08.

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