Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh Hillary…Say it isn’t so!

I don’t know how we missed this last week but while reading my FT this morning they had an article on Hillary Clinton and the 2008 election. They mentioned how earlier in the week she had to defend a “$10,000 contribution made by her political action committee to Bob Casey, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania who opposes abortion”.

Bob Casey Jr.!!! The guy that the Washington Times back in March of 2005 said whose decision to run showed the “deepening divide within the Democratic Party, with some thinking that in order to reverse its current losing streak, the party must compromise on certain values issues that go to the heart of the party”.

I’m soooo surprised that the darling on the left Hillary would want to have someone in the Senate who is against abortion. Especially since this is the same Casey who’s father was a former Democrat Governor and pro lifer who was denied a speaking engagement at the 1992 Democratic convention because of his views.

As usual though, NOW and the rest of the left will surely find some good excuse why the tools of the party shouldn’t worry about it.

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