Friday, May 05, 2006

Veto that bill!

Just last week, President Bush said Washington needed to stop unnecessary spending and that he would veto any bill that didn’t meet his specifications. One bill he warned Congress on is a bill approved yesterday by the Senate to fund operations in Iraq and hurricane relief. The President told Congress that he didn’t want this bill to go over $92 billion. Of course that has never scared them before. Considering the President has been all talk when it comes to vetoing bills, you can’t blame Congress for challenging him again.

It’s imperative that President Bush vetoes this bill. Part of the Presidents problem with the American people, even conservatives, is that nobody believes he’s in control. The majority of the American people believe that he’s just limping along and continuous defiance from Congress like this bill help confirm that message. If the President wants to start to get the upper hand and regain some respectability he needs to start by vetoing this bill. It wont solve all his woes but it will at least make some deposits in the emotional bank account of the conservative base that has kept Republicans in office. The same base that will stay home in November if they feel disgusted with our government as they did in 2000.

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