Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An indication of MTA efficiency:

We have all heard the saying that if government institutions were subjected to the scrutiny of Wall Street, their stock price would never see the light of day. When it comes to the MTA, my Metro Card is a good example why.

First let me say the Metro Card in itself is a great product. Just the simple fact that I no longer have to wait on line to be treated to a nasty attitude from a teller who has a chip the size of the Empire State Building on their shoulder, makes it the best invention to come out of this city besides the EZ-Pass, which carries the same benefit.

The problem with the Metro Card is not its functionality but the marketing the MTA places on it. My current Metro Card has printed on it, “Si ves algo, di algo”, followed by what to me is gibberish in Spanish. I can also bet that there is some Spanish person who doesn’t speak English walking around with one that says to hold kids hands in English.

I liked to know what is the MTA’s goal here. Is it to just hope that eventually you might get a card that reflects the language you speak? Considering the messages the MTA is trying to send are obviously one of various safety issues, you would think they would find a way to get the right cards in the right hands.

The current process of just flying blind with these cards not only is a waste of a good idea its annoying for proud Americans who gave up their ancestors national language to embrace English to have to look at a card in Spanish.

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