Friday, July 14, 2006

If children are a reflection of their parents, KT is Senator material:

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for KT McFarland at Cipriani here in the city. The event was like most fundraisers, where the candidate brings out high profile people in their life to give testimonial on why they’re proud to have worked with them and how they know the candidate would make a great elected official. The cast KT brought to speak on her behalf included retired US Marine Corp General P.X. Kelly, former secretary to the Navy to President Reagan, John Lehman and former national security adviser to President Reagan, Robert Bud McFarlane. It was easy to tell that during a time where national security is our number one priority, KT made sure to bring out those with the most experience on the issue to vouch for her ability to represent New York in a Washington D.C. that has not been realistic when it comes to distributing terror funds.

Out of all her speakers, the one that stood out the most was someone that doesn’t yet have the resume of a General or national security advisor or that has never even held office. This person was Fiona McFarland, KT’s daughter. When you first meet Fiona McFarland with her attractive looks and ladylike presence you don’t expect to find out she’s a Midshipman in the U.S. Naval Academy. The first time you see her take the microphone, as she did last night to introduce her mom, you would never imagine that she could deliver a speech that could out do a veteran General, Secretary of the Navy and national security advisor combined.

The young Fiona McFarland did just that. Her stories about growing up in the McFarland household about the battle warn American flag from a WWII ship attacked at Pearl Harbor commanded by her grandfather hanging in her kitchen and her talk about how she understood that freedom isn’t free could choke up the toughest of guests. This young Midshipman showed an understanding about what it means to be an American that makes even the most patriotic in this country think twice about how strong their own devotion to this country is.

Fiona McFarland’s speech and words isn’t something that comes natural to a young American, even ones who are children of elected officials. Her speech and the conviction of what she was saying showed not only in her words but also in her actions by taking the call to America’s highest service. Last night I learned through this young American, that behind her was a woman that doesn’t want to be Senator because of her own self interest but because she feels it’s her duty as an American. The passion and love for this country by Fiona McFarland isn’t something you get in your sleep, it’s learned as she says at her kitchen table through the stories and the passion of someone who loves being an American. That American is KT McFarland, someone I know and have met several times who if elected would keep her eye on New York and its resident’s unlike our current Senator who’s eye is not on New York but on a greater power. If New Yorkers were smart they will give Hillary all the time she wants to plot her run for President by sending her on a long vacation in November in exchange for someone who actually wants to be Senator of New York.

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