Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dollars and sense:

Today an army of public school legionaries is heading to Albany to demand that New York’s taxpayers follow through on a clueless judges order to give public schools billions of more dollars in funding.

What I want to know is what do these people think money is going to accomplish? The state has been throwing more and more money at the system for years without any success. As Giuliani stated at an event I once attended while he was Mayor, “another billion dollars is not going to solve the problem…the problem is the system”.

I can’t agree more. My son’s parochial school costs me only $3500 a year where a child his age in the public school system costs $12,000. That’s almost 4X more! Yet my son’s education is just as good if not better. This weekend I was at a B-Day party talking to parents of another child who goes to one of the local public schools and is in the same grade as my son. They said quote: “We’ve been disappointed at the lack of homework the teacher sends home”. When I told them my son gets homework every night and has already had to do a book report, they said, “We wish our son had that”.

I would like Spitzer, Weingarten or any other Democrat to tell me why one school can teach kids in a sound safe environment for $3500 and another has to do it for 4x more.

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