Monday, November 20, 2006

Charlie and the draft factory:

Charles Rangel is once again proposing that the U.S. reinstitute the draft. Rangel’s argument is that if there were a draft, leaders in Washington would be hesitant to engage militarily when there is limited evidence. Though I agree that having a draft would be a good idea, mine is for different reasons.

Instituting a draft would be the best thing this government could do for inner-city kids. Many of these kids will never leave the crime filled neighborhoods they come from. Many either drop out of high school or don’t go to college. They turn to a life of crime or low paying jobs to only have kids themselves to keep the cycle going. By having a draft you get these young men and women out of the neighborhood and place them in an environment that will put them on a fast track to bettering their lives.

The draft is not only good for low-income neighborhoods. It would also help middle and higher income groups as those kids are soft and could use a good kick in the rear that the military will give them.

I have three cousins in the military right now and all three will tell you it’s the best thing they ever did. They’re going to come out educated, disciplined and ready to add to society. They will have seen more of the world then dozens of people combined and will leave no doubt in prospective employers minds that they will be ready to work.

As a father of a young boy, I hope Congress reinstitutes the draft. It can end up being just what this country needs to get the new generation to understand and respect the sacrifices of the old.

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