Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Attack on the Big Mac

Two interesting news items out of Britain today –

Prince Charles made a remark that McDonald’s should ban the Big Mac.

British child service officials may take away custody of an eight-year-old boy who weighs more than 200 lbs. if his doesn’t mother improve his diet. The child has trouble dressing himself and is frequently out of school because of health problems.

I’m sure Prince Charles finds it easier (and politically popular) to blame the big, bad corporation rather the consumer, but it is entirely possible to become dangerously obese without ever eating a Big Mac and banning the Big Mac is not going to solve what is essentially a cultural problem. Also, as a thin, healthy woman, I don't see why I should lose the ability to order an occasional Big Mac just because other people made poor decisions about their personal health.

At least the British government has it right in blaming the parent who is too lazy to enforce a healthy diet on a dangerously overweight child.

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