Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama's economic fable

Barack Obama's M.O. will be to try and convince America that a vote for John McCain is a vote for a third Bush term. Never mind that a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Vladimir Lenin's first term.

Along the way, you're going to see a lot of #@$&* being slung around by the Democratic candidate. This example is courtesy of the Associated (With the Left) Press:

"Democrat Barack Obama on Monday seized on heightened concerns about the economy, tying John McCain to the Bush administration's recent record of soaring gasoline prices and slumping employment," the Associated Press reports. "Launching a two-week economics tour in a state the GOP usually considers safe, Obama warned that McCain's policies on taxes, spending and energy would continue the nation's slump, which some fear is already a recession. He called for new taxes on oil companies and wealthy individuals, along with $1,000 tax cuts for most working families."

Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute calls Obama on his blatant lies. "Many of candidate Obama's claims about the economic policies of recent years are complete nonsense...Obama is wrong on every point in this remark."

For instance:
Department of Health and Human Services spending up 67 percent in 7 years of Bush.
Department of Education spending up 92 percent in 7 years of Bush.

Check out Cato yourself for the cold hard facts.

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