Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small Tent Democrats

Say what you want about the Republican Party and the so-called outsized influence of the Religious Right, but the modern GOP is more ideologically diverse than the Democratic Party could ever hope to be. Submitted for your approval, as Rod Serling might say, is this little case study about just what happens to Democrats who drift off the reservation.

John Dingell and Joe Lieberman will never be mistaken for Republicans at a picnic. Just the same, their stances in defense of business and national security, respectively, embrace just the common sense style of governing that Republicans aspire to on our best days. As a result of exhibiting this common sense approach, Dingell and Lieberman have drawn the ire of a Donkey leadership that has no time for those who do not march to the party tune, with I think is The Internationale but don't quote me.

The treatment of Dingell and Lieberman is a good lesson for all of those who voted for change in Washington. Change you will assuredly get, but not the change you could possibly believe would take place.

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