Thursday, December 04, 2008

Axl Rose in a Legal Fight? No Way!

Axl Rose's new Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy has been out barely 10 ten days and he is already engaged in legal wrangling.

Turns out that Dr. Pepper promised a free can of soda to everyone in America if Rose completed his magnum opus by 12/31/08. He's been in the studio with this thing for 17 years. In the meantime, Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum moved on with Velvet Revolver, a band that produces better music than what I have heard from the new Axl Rose album.

Well, Rose finally delivered, but Dr. Pepper apparently only promised a 24-hour window to obtain a coupon for the free drink and their Web site crashed before G N'R fans could cash in. Oops.

Now Rose's attorneys, who I assume rarely have down time, have called on Dr. Pepper to make good on its original offer. I do admire Rose sticking up for his fans, but what is it with this guy?

Oh well, the music may not be as good, but at least some things will never change.

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