Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paterson Takes Up the Nanny Mantle

New York Governor David Paterson has decided that he and his cronies in Albany will be making beverage decisions for New Yorkers, thankyouverymuch. He wants to impose (which in this one-party state means "he will impose") an 18 percent tax on non-diet soft drinks and beverages that contain less than 70 percent of natural fruit juice.

Paterson thinks he can fill budget gaps and create a slimmer state with one ill-cast stone. He couldn't be more wrong. Chiseling away at people's abilities to make decisions about their own lives only makes them less capable of making decisions and...more...dependent...on the state.

Wait a second! I stand corrected. Paterson knows exactly what he is doing. Liberals prefer larger government, which is fueled by more taxes, and they love a complacent population that is totally beholden to that same large government.

Oh, very inspired Guvnor. Bravo.

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