Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Begins the Buckling Process

Iran's testing missiles. North Korea's testing missiles. What is President Obama's plan? To "reconsider" our missile defense system. In political parlance this means he is going to stop it.

Which means Russia will think we're weak for caving in to their demands to remove the system in Poland. History has proven that their demands from here will only get bolder.

It also means that Iran and North Korea will continue their push to militarize terrorists and all of our enemies. Again, history has proven that in the face of anything but pure force, they will only be emboldened to come after us.

I'll try to be as unequivocal here as I can: Anything short of continuing to research, fully fund, build, and deploy missile defense systems to protect ourselves and our allies will be a mistake of epic proportions. Let the consequences fall squarely on Obama's shoulders.

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