Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Tells Gore To Stop Making A Fool of Himself

Al Gore never ceases to amaze me. First, he is caught having more electricity running in his house than Yankee Stadium. Now, during Earth Hour, when everyone was supposed to live in darkness starting 8:30 PM Saturday as a sign of "limitin" our carbon footprint and saving the planet from global warming....what does Al Gore do? Well...of course he had bright spotlights shine on the trees at the entrance to his driveway.

So Mr. Gore's lesson is this...conserve energy at all times unless it is shining on mother nature itself. Nice lesson. Let's look at what I did during "Earth Hour," shall we. I was watching American Gangster on HBO...with half of the lights on in the tiny living room of my tiny Gramercy Apartment.

Carbon Footprint: KP defeats Gore by a mile.

And I wasn't trying to save the environment. Just living my life. What a concept. Now can Al Gore and rest of the far left blowhards stop their hypocritical grandstanding. The earth doesn't need any more of their hot air.

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