Monday, April 06, 2009

Catholics Revolt Against President Obama

Michael Gerson in the Washington Post states that President Obama is becoming increasingly unpopular with Catholics showing that his disapproval ratings are up 14% and have risen 21% among non-Hispanic church members.

This is important politically for the president since, according to Pew Research, he won Catholics by 9% this year...after the George W. Bush won the same group by 5% in 2004. It looks from these recent numbers that the Democratic gain among Catholics has been lost. Gerson points out that this could prove crucial in Midwest and Southern states, which have become increasingly Catholic over the past decade.
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Remember, if you take away swing states Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, & North Carolina from President Obama, then he will be easily lose the presidency in 2012. Catholics are a crucial constituency for him and Democrats to protect, but yet they are promoting a radical agenda on the issue of abortion

Today, the United States Senate in a 56-41 vote defeated an amendment that would have allowed workers and hospitals to refrain from administering abortions if they are morally opposed to the procedure. This issue is more than being "pro-life" or "pro-choice," but it has to do with protecting individual freedoms that were granted to all Americans under the constitution.

Forcing a person to perform a medical procedure against their moral beliefs has no place in a democracy. People who are morally opposed to abortion see it as the killing of an unborn child, and therefore disallowing the conscience clause will make these health care workers and institutions face a decision of committing what they believe is "murder" or losing their jobs. No person should be forced to administer the death penalty, euthanasia, or abortion against their will. People were given the right to religious freedom in America, which sadly may be lost for some citizens due to the policies of President Obama and Congress.

If the "conscience clause" is not upheld, Democrats will suffer the price politically and in 4 years President Obama may be fighting for his political life as he sees the very Catholics who elected him, throw him out of office. However, by that point, he will have ruined the lives of everyday health care professionals who were forced to either compromise their morals or become unemployed. If this is "change we can believe in," then count me out.

If you would like to make you voice heard on this disturbing proposition, send a message to the Department of Health & Human Services.

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