Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bill Frist Democrat?

Are my ears deceiving me or did I hear Bill Frist just join the ranks of Hillary Clinton and call for hearings to investigate high-energy prices. Hey Bill it’s called supply and demand!

For our Senators to be even thinking about taxing the profits of energy companies above the already current tax rate is absurd! The $6 billion they paid this quarter in taxes isn’t enough?

The real problem with the people in this country (Senators included) is that they don’t know how to compute percentages. The truth is that Exxon Mobil’s profit margin was only 10%, less then most industries including trial lawyers.

At this rate the technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of taking risk that has driven this country to its economic domination over the world will be grinding to a halt. Us young Republicans can’t take over fast enough because our elders are going senile.

Nicholas Vertucci

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