Friday, October 28, 2005

Go to the movies tonight

This popped into my email box, maybe you all got the same thing, too. Might be worth a look, though. This is straight from the press release:

Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope, a new version of Roger Aronoff’s intense documentary, will be launched at the Eureka International Film Festival in New York on October 28. The first version won the top prize for Documentary Features at the WorldFest Film Festival in Houston earlier this year.

In an attempt to set the record straight, this film examines some of the big issues related to the current war in Iraq. Did the US really act unilaterally, motivated by greed and politics, in an unnecessary war? Or is it a just and necessary war- part of a larger war- against the unrelenting forces of radical Islam and terrorism? Was Saddam Hussein's regime bent on developing and proliferating weapons of mass destruction? Or had he destroyed them all after the first Gulf War? The West is engaged, whether it likes it or not, in a clash of civilizations, in a war it never sought. Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope also exposes the many inaccuracies found in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. See for yourself.

WHERE: Eureka International Film Festival
The Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue & 2nd Street
New York City

WHEN: Friday, October 28, 2005
8:40 pm

btw - tickets are $10, but if you go to, you can purchase two for the price of one.

Rick Brownell

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