Monday, November 14, 2005

Re: Something to Think About

I share some of Nick's concerns. I think the root of the problem can be found in a culture of instant gratification that is growing in America, brought on in part by technological advances. The result is that people grow less and less patient with wanting to see results. The media feeds into and off of this lack of patience and need for instant gratification and it needs to stop. We see the by-products of our impatience in our litigious society, elections incorrectly called on exit polls, and wars that people imagine are to be fought and won like a tv drama in an hour. The war in Iraq and the war on terrorism require a great deal of patience and we cannot begin to judge what the results will be after only a few years. If WWI and WWII and all the other struggles of past generations have taught us anything it is that patience and perseverance are virtues and they pay off. Despite the difficulties, I hope that we as Americans can learn to be more patient. I believe we will.

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