Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Weld Attends YR General Meeting

11/17/05 William Weld, recent Governor from Massachusetts, attended November's NYYRC's General meeting, shedding light onto his plan to run for New York State Governor in 2006 once Pataki steps down from office.

Throughout his candid talk, Weld was able to engage many YRs into his speech by sharing moments of his campaign experience from when he was volunteering at the age of 23 to battling Senator John Kerry for office.

"I took a lot of punches, but I also gave a lot of punches," Weld said smiling.

The YR crowd, of over the 90 people who attended the meeting, gave Weld a standing ovation as he said his final goodbye for the evening.

"I hope to be the spear point of the spear this coming 2006," Weld said.

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