Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pink Slip the MTA: Part 2

We are less then 24 hours from seeing if the MTA union is going to hold New York City and its millions of workers, tourists and businesses hostage. As we get closer and closer I get more furious over this group of bandits who are exploiting their service for selfish causes. As I said the other day, if the shoe was on the other foot and oil companies decided to hold New York City hostage threatening to not deliver fuel to run the city, congress would be up in arms calling for hearings. This is no different and I want to know where’s the hearings?

My biggest complaint about this whole thing is that MTA workers compared to most middle class workers in the city have the life when it comes to employment. Besides being paid $45,000 to $68,000 for simply just being able to know your right from you left, the other perks they receive is absurd.

Listening to the MTA itself would have you believe that the matter of a strike is because they need a contract (don’t get me started on that issue) but more importantly because they need better working conditions.

Well let me shed some light on the conditions that is being fought over. One is that the city wants to require new (yes new not current) workers to have to pay 2% of their pretax dollars toward health benefits. Since current employees are not required to pay anything toward their health insurance the cost to the city is high. Is the city wrong with asking just new workers to pay a small fraction simply catching up with the rest us? In 2005 who doesn’t pay part of their health benefits? The best issue though is the city looking to increase the retirement age to 62 from the current 55. Anyone paying attention to the social security debate knows that pensions costs are a big issue thanks to a society who has a life expectancy that is now approaching 90. Allowing people to continue to retire in their 50’s is just suicidal to the system. What’s even funnier is that the union just doesn’t wan the city to keep the retirement age at 55; they want them to actually lower it!

So if you see one of those MTA protesters today take a minute to educate them on the plights of the real workforce.

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