Monday, December 12, 2005

Save Tookie

Unless Gov. Schwarzenegger caves in at the last minute, in less then 24 hours Tookie Williams will be executed. For the last several weeks, even years for that matter, we’ve been bombarded with how we need to save Tookie because he’s innocent but even more because he’s now become a voice against gang violence. Personally for those that say he’s innocent, I find it a little hard to believe that the founder of the most violent gang in the country never committed murder but that’s just me.

Though I appreciate Tookie’s work over the past few years against gang violence it doesn’t make up for the crime(s) he committed including at a minimum the four lives he took. After the fact actions though nice don’t change the crime that was committed or even more important bring back those murdered. I love how his supporters say he’s turned his life around and “redeemed” himself. The only way Tookie could “redeem” himself is if he could find a way to resurrect his victims from the dead. Saying sorry, that you were wrong and preaching to kids that gang violence is wrong is not redeeming enough.

Lets also not forget that Tookie Williams was also the founder of the notorious Crips street gang that has been responsible for thousands of murders and crimes. His crimes are not just the murders he committed but for the constant insurgency of crime that has plagued California and now other cities for decades. Unless Tookie and his supporters can pull a time machine out of their pocket I’m not feeling sorry for him. I think if Tookie really wants to be a role model and symbol for his cause and the children of the future, he should stop his pleas and ask for his execution to move forward using it as a symbol for what murder gets you, making his execution a more powerful message. Murder is so common in this country because the punishment is a joke. The idea that you can commit first-degree murder and be out of jail in 5, 10 or 20 years when that victim is never going to see sunlight again is a backward justice system.

One can’t help wonder if Tookie wasn’t ever caught if he would be as remorseful for his crimes and the anti-gang violence champion he is today. I think Tookie should have followed the path of good citizen from the beginning like the majority of us. Tookie could have started a youth athletic league just as easy as he started the Crips. Hopefully the Gov. will recognize that and decide not to reward him for it.

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