Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tehran Plane Crash Kills 115 - It's George Bush's Fault

Tuesday's tragic plane crash in Tehran, which killed a number of journalists being transported to view naval exercises, is being blamed on the United States by Iranian officials.

This military plane, which was a U.S.-made Lockheed C-130, crashed into a building after experienceing trouble on takeoff, killing all 94 aboard and 21 in the building and on the ground.

But this is all our fault for two reasons: 1. everything is our fault. 2. U.S.-led sanctions against Iran have deprived them of the spare parts needed to update and repair their C-130 airplanes.

President Ahmadinejad will have to forgive us for passing up the opportunity to sell military spare parts to his country, particularly after comments by himself and his senior military personnel have essentially called for the outright destruction of the United States.

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