Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We Must Stay Strong:

I thought I would never see the day where my opinion of the teachers union would rise. However after the MTA unions selfish move I have to give the teachers union credit. When the teachers contract ran out thought they threatened to strike they never did. They kept working for two years while negotiations went on. Though I didn’t agree with their demands I respect the fact they kept working, like they should of.

The MTA Union could have followed the teacher’s path and kept working while negotiations went on no matter how long it took. Instead they walked off in an attempt extort the city by taking it hostage.

All I can say is we must not give into the MTA union. Thought it will be difficult we must tuff it out for the sake of future New Yorkers. I hope the Governor and Chairman of the MTA follow through with their threats the same way the MTA union followed through with theirs, fining and firing the workers.

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