Friday, January 27, 2006

NYYRC Policy on Posting on the Record

The New York Young Republican Record Web log welcomes comments from all areas of the ideological spectrum to the posts that are submitted herein by the Executive Board and the Board of Governors of the New York Young Republican Club.

The free exchange of ideas is central to the foundation and continued endurance of our republic, and no one group or individual of any political nature holds a monopoly on that exchange. It is essential to our growth as a nation, and indeed as individuals, to be free to express our views and have those views aired to anyone who is receptive.

Because we want to have the views expressed by the posts and comments of this blog read by the widest possible audience, we developed a policy that will be strictly adhered to from this point forward. Any postings or comments put on the Record Web log, regardless of the source, that contains foul language or vulgar displays will be summarily deleted without exception. The public discourse will not suffer from the loss of such language, and any political or social commentary that is expressed herein will be viewed more broadly because of this policy.

We look forward to continuing as a sounding board for the views of this Club and of all the visitors to our blog now and in the future.

Thank you.
NYYRC Record Administrator

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