Thursday, January 12, 2006

Senate Democrats Are No Saints When it Comes to Abramoff

Consider this a sneak peak into Friday's Federalist Patriot Digest:

We would suggest that DNC Chairman Howard Dean think before he speaks, but since he’s always good for a laugh when he doesn’t, we like him much better as he is now. His latest sound bite states that “every person named in this [Abramoff] scandal is a Republican.” And that would be true if you didn’t count the 40 Democrat Senators who have taken money from Jack Abramoff. Included in the list of Abramoff beneficiaries are Joseph Biden, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Jon Corzine (like he needs the money), Byron Dorgan (at least $79,000), John Kerry (at least $98,000), Pat Leahy, rising star Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer, who already has what may very well be the largest campaign war chest in Washington.

And there are a number of Democratic beneficiaries, like Minority Leader Harry Reid, who have no intention of returning the money they received from Abramoff because they maintain that the contributions were perfectly legal. So, according to the Democrats, the money they received from Abramoff is legal, but the money Republicans received was illegal. It must be tough being so perfect all the time.

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