Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chuck Schumer: The Champion of all…Democrats:

Listening to Senator Schumer attack Judge Alito, I have to laugh. Does anyone really take anything Democrats say during this hearing serious? You have to be from another planet to look at these hearings and not think that the questioning of Judge Alito is nothing more then a left-wing attack. I would give Schumer some credit for champion the concerns of the left against a conservative judge if he showed those same concerns for the conservative New Yorkers who didn’t vote for him who feel with his election they are not being represented the way liberals are concerned that they won’t be represented if Judge Altio is appointed.

Finally what’s with Ted Kennedy bringing up a search case that Jude Alito ruled on where officers were accused of using excessive force on a family? How can Ted Kennedy sit there and talk about the “scars of a child”. Who is this guy to judge; last I checked Judge Alito never drove off a bridge with a suspended license leaving a young girl to drown while he saved his own life.

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