Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hamas, the New Saddam for Europe?

Back in early 2001 Henry Kissinger in his best seller, “Does America Need a Foreign Policy”, wrote in regards to Iraq how “there is no serious effort to restore the U.N. Inspection system” with “several nations, led by Russia, China and France, are in open noncompliance with them”. He also state how “Iraq seems to have become a test case for another French effort to define a European identity distinct from and in opposition to the United States”.

Well after seeing those countries attempts to block the Iraq War and the revelation that those countries were deep in the oil for food scandal, it appears Henry Kissinger might have been onto something.

With Saddam and the sanctions finished have those countries started to look for another front to act in opposition to the U.S.? Several days ago Russia, to the dismay of most the world, announced that it would invite Hamas to Moscow for talks, despite their refusal to remove their claim for extinction of Israel. The undercutting didn’t end there as France over the weekend has endorsed Russia’s move.

The U.S. thought it had an agreement that no nation would unilaterally talk to Hamas but based on passed experiences with Iraq it would only make sense. With the clash of civilizations escalating we can’t be surprised that some nations would attempt to exploit the moment.

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