Thursday, February 23, 2006

NYYRC Supports Call to Block Port Deal

For Immediate Release, February 22, 2006
Contact: Jen Saunders


New York, NY: The New York Young Republican Club, Inc. supports Governor George Pataki, Senator Bill Frist, Representatives Peter King and Vito Fosella, and many other members of Congress, Governors and Mayors who have opposed the sale of American port security to the United Arab Emirates Company Dubai Ports World, a state-owned company.

After the proposed sale of operations of six American ports became public last week, a number of public officials have come out in opposition to the sale. Yesterday, Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist called upon the White House to stop the deal. NYYRC President Dennis Cariello stated "Even though the United Arab Emirates may be an official ally, we cannot ignore the fact that many of the hijackers on Sept. 11 trained there and the country has many terrorist sympathizers." President Cariello continued, "We cannot risk the possibility that this company may hire workers who harbor hostility towards the United States."

Governor Pataki and Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich suggested they may pursue legal maneuvers, including canceling leases to run the ports, if the sale goes through. New Jersey has filed a lawsuit this morning. President Cariello remarked "I commend Governor Pataki for doing whatever he can to make sure our ports are in good hands. Our ports are vulnerable; we cannot ignore a blatant security risk." President Cariello continued, "If this company was going to be responsible for operating security at one of our airports, this deal never would have been permitted, and it should not be permitted at our ports either."

The New York Young Republican Club would also like to wish Governor Pataki well after yesterday's surgery.

The New York Young Republican Club, Inc., is a not-for-profit political organization that exists to bring Republicans aged 18-40 together to discuss the Republican Party platform and aid the Republican Party in the education of the public about the Republican agenda and the promotion of Republican candidates for office. To find out more about the New York Young Republican Club, Inc. please visit the Website at

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