Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Why I hate unions. Hate them, hate them, hate them!

This morning I was once again reminded why unions are the most waste of consumer money and human energy.

While waiting for the bus this morning I had first one bus pass by without stopping as he looked right at me and the other people waiting. Then fifteen minutes later a second bus driver decided to just keep going passing even more people by, this time as we were all in the street trying to get him to stop. These buffoons have two simple responsibilities, drive and stop, drive and stop, drive and stop. Finally five minutes after the second bus a third one came and kindly decided to go out of his way to pullover to let us on. As I got on I told him “thanks for stopping” sarcastically as he looked at me with his 250 pound rear-end.

What kills me is the fact that because they are a union there is no recourse whatsoever against these guys because they can’t be fired or disciplined unless they ran over a family of four and even then I don't know. If a real company treated a customer like this there would be hell to pay! Why is it as a customer whenever I have a bad experience without the ability for recourse, there always is a union involved?

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