Tuesday, March 14, 2006

As Governor Pataki battles it out with the State Senate and Assembly for our children’s future: Where are our candidates?

Two things that Governor Pataki wanted to have accomplished before he left office was to make sure the cap on the number of charter schools is lifted from its current 100 and put in place a tax-credit plan for parents who want to send their kids to private school.

Obviously the Governor’s plan is a good one. Charter Schools have proven to be a great success and parents in the state love them. Tax Credits also are a great idea as it brings equality to the state. Democrats always argue for the redistribution of the wealth and tax credits do just that giving lower income families who would like to send their children to private school, which is currently reserved for those in a higher income class, the chance to do so.

These plans have always been a hard sell because of one group that goes by the name of the teachers union. The union feels such plans, especially tax credits, are a threat to their existence and have lobbied hard against them. The problem though is that parents in this state support the Governor’s plan overwhelmingly yet our local representatives ignore it because their scared of the machine that is the teachers union and the effect they may have when its their turn for reelection.

GOP candidates for Gov have had very little to jump on so far and are making a mistake if they don’t come out swinging supporting the Gov. on the battle currently raging. Spitzer is forced to keep quiet because of the teacher’s union support, leaving him sitting there like a duck in a pond during hunting season. Weld, Faso and even Daniels should be falling over themselves seizing the issue to remind parents in this state why electing a Republican is so important. With Democrats in control of pretty much everything else a Republican governor will keep them honest and not allow groups like the teachers union to get a free ride on issues like Spitzer would undoubtedly give them. The recent raid on Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin office over concerns that the electricians union was given inflated city contracts shows what can happen when you have a kid minding the candy store and proves that we need someone to keep them honest.

Currently Governor Pataki has been leading the charge alone with members of his own party in the Senate giving him a hard time. Hopefully he’ll have some reinforcements soon.

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