Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thanks to our special election candidates:

If elections were a war, and most times they are, it could be said that choosing to run for lower office in New York City as a Republican is like being that dedicated soldier who jumps on a hand grenade to save his comrades. It can be said a portion of their life has been drained not to mention their pockets but the cause, like jumping on a grenade, is not to win the war right there but to give motivation for others in the platoon to carry on and win the day in the future.

I have been critical in the past but not of our candidates personally but more of the overall strategy of the GOP in the state. If anything, I think the GOP of New York helps show that candidate’s like Emily Csendes and Frank Scala are the quiet heroes in the war for the city.

It really takes character to know that despite all your efforts you will still most likely go down in defeat, especially when you could have decided to view the battle from afar safe on a hill like most of us do.

Emily and Frank may have lost the battle yesterday but because of their courage and sacrifice to jump on the grenade, they give the rest of us hope and the motivation to carry on, get out of our foxholes, charge ahead and face the enemy in the future.

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