Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vice President Rice?

While reading my FT this morning I came across an interesting comment while reading about President Bush’s move to replace Andy Card with Josh Bolten. The author of the article, Ed Alden, mentioned how the President has been under pressure to clean house and that even Fred Barnes (who the NYYRC had as their guest speaker last month) has “urged the president to undertake an overhaul that would include replacing Mr. Cheney with Condoleezza Rice”.

This got me thinking. Up until know I have been in the camp that Cheney and his ego would never step-down as vice-president. I also could never imagine President Bush asking him to, considering his respect for the man. For arguments sake though what if the stars aligned just right that both Vice President Cheney and President Bush thought it would be a good move?

Considering Cheney has had his share of medical issues (I heard they have a special parking space for him at the hospital) he could easily address the nation and say he can no longer serve do to his medical condition. This would give him the chance to step-down gracefully and President Bush a chance to bring someone in who does plan on running in 2008.

Strategically it would make sense because it would give the American people time to get comfortable with someone like Condoleezza Rice in a position of power. In 2008 it would give Republicans a head start on any potential challenger, especially Hillary Clinton. It also might save Republicans from having a messy and dirty primary on the idea that maybe many will step aside out of respect to the new Vice President.

This is all just hypothetical thinking and odds are that the only way Cheney is leaving before his term is up is if he is abducted by aliens and taken away in a spaceship. Further if aliens do come, Rice may be not the only option. If President Bush is really looking out for the party he could pick from a long list of candidates from McCain to Senator Brownback. It’s definitely fun to ponder but I don’t believe in aliens.

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