Friday, March 24, 2006

Court jesters to the world.

I don’t think the current entertainment coming out of France could get any better. I’m at a point where I can’t wait to open the paper to see what they could possibly do next.

First French youth and trade unions take to the streets causing destruction and violence because of a proposed law that would actually increase employment.

Then yesterday a French court tells Apple that their I-Tunes service is illegal and that they have to let people download music from their site to any Mp3 player. That’s a great way to spur innovation, tell a company they have to invent something and then let everyone else use it. Apple will most likely do the right think and just close down their French website. Maybe the French can next bring back eight tracks.

Finally today Jacques Chirac stormed out of a European Union summit because the head of his industry lobby started speaking English to the crowd. Considering they had 25 different nations and languages present, wouldn’t it make sense that he spoke the official language of business?

Chirac shouldn’t feel so bad though, at least with his negative opinion on english he can always get a job on the New York City Council.

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