Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Speaking of Polls: The Bush Censure/Impeachment Poll

Over at The Fix, the Washington Post political blog, there's an interesting poll going on that I thought I would bring up in light of Nick's recent comment on polling. This poll inquired as to the level of support for either censure or impeachment of President Bush.

I encourage you to take a look at The Fix(ed)'s numbers for yourself, but here's the Cliff Notes version of how it breaks down.

Democrats overwhelmingly support censure over Republicans, but the margin of Republicans who are against censure is wider than the Dems' support. Women support censure more than men, though not spectacularly so. The east is more in favor of censure than the rest of the country (Gee, what a surprise!), and the South was the region that most strongly opposed it (Another surprise. Makes me think about moving.) Perhaps the most interesting juxtaposition was that better educated people and poor people supported censure, while lesser educated and richer people opposed it.

The impeachment argument was less strongly embraced. Only a third of the poll's respondents supported the idea, widening margins across the board.

Unfortunately, I don't think of this whole censure/impeachment debate as glibly as I used to. Feingold's censure motion has gained a good amount of unspoken support from his colleagues, and anti-Bushies across the country are just looking for an opportunity to pounce. If the Democrats win a majority in November, you can bet the first and only item on their agenda will be to attack President Bush with everything they have.

How do we prevent this from happening, you ask? Vote Republican, silly.

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