Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I don’t care what Murdoch says. I’m not voting for Hillary:

The news that Rupert Murdoch has decided to host a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton is still front-page news. The fact that even the Financial Times has decided to pickup the story tells you it’s a move that will not leave us without implications on either Hillary or Murdoch and his conservative empire.

It’s easy to say that conservatives around New York feel betrayed. Many are still trying to reach behind their back to pull out the knife that Murdoch left. For conservatives Murdoch and his Fox News Channel and papers like the New York Post have been a savior in a world where liberal media reigns supreme. The growth in circulation and ratings of his conservative news outlets has shown, people in this country have longed for a voice other then the leftwing bias that has for years come from channels like CNN, MSNBC and papers like the New York Times. For conservative New Yorkers the Post was the only place to read a story written to fit their view in a city where they are constantly carpet bombed with liberal bias from the Daily News, News Day, New York Times and channels like New York 1. As an exercise the first thing I did was call my dad who is a loyal post reader for the reason I mentioned above. When I asked him what he thought his response was one word, “devastated”. He then said that if the Post endorsed Hillary comes November he would cancel his subscription to the paper.

I understand why Murdoch is crossing lines. He’s a businessman and when it comes to business you can’t play favorites. He’s making what he thinks is a calculated move by supporting someone he thinks stands no chance of loosing and may one day be President. What hopefully Murdoch considered before his decision to host Hillary is the potential backlash from people like my dad, who will stop reading the paper if they feel betrayed. The benefits he gets from having a friend in Hillary might not be enough to save a paper where his readers abandon him like he did to them.

When it comes to Hillary as Senator of New York my problem is not with her but New Yorkers. I don’t know about you but I’m embarrassed as a lifelong New Yorker, born and raised, to have to have an outsider come and represent us in Washington. This is New York, home of some of the brightest minds. Are you telling me that there is not one New Yorker capable of representing us? Am I suppose to be thankful that she has come to New York and saved the day because New Yorkers are to incompetent to pick someone among us. I have more faith in New Yorkers then that. I would vote for Christine Quinn for Senator before an outsider like Hillary, especially when that outsider is only using us as stepstool. Democrats and Republicans in New York should be embarrassed that we had to have Hillary come and run our affairs. Lets face it; if she weren’t married to Bill she’d be nobody. What does it say when we as New Yorkers can’t find anyone, Democrat or Republican, among us to have represent us and end up picking someone who’s claim to fame is being the First Lady.

Everyday Hillary is Senator of New York makes Democrats look bad. Their endorsement of this carpetbagger basically told all New Yorkers that not one Democrat who represent New Yorkers in the House, State Senate, State Assembly or City Council are capable of doing the job and needed Hillary to do it for them. This is just something for New Yorkers to remember when Hillary abandons us for greater days and New Yorkers are forced to find someone new. Maybe Murdoch will have someone in mind.

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