Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some things don’t change:

Since the beginning of 2006 all we have heard from the media and Democrats (wait isn’t that the same thing) was how Democrats are going to retake the House and Senate come November. They claimed Republicans have lost their way and that the American people wanted change. This morning though it was Democrats who woke up to a big blow, as their first chance of gaining a seat in the House and the momentum that would have gone with it didn’t materialize.

Yesterday in California Republican Brian Bilbray successfully fought off Democrat Francine Busby to fill an open seat in the House. Democrats had been planning for months to steal this seat and make it their first pickup on the road to regaining control.

As I have written on several occasions, Democrats have fallen into the trap set by the liberal media believing that for some crazy reason the demographics of the country have changed. What Democrats fail to realize is that despite Iraq and a President that has had his issues, more Americans still believe in the core principals of the Republican Party. For Democrats to think that because some in the Republican Party have deviated from those principals, that its supporters would turn and vote Democrat is bad thinking. What Democrats need to realize and why Bilbray was able to win yesterday is that despite these shortfalls the majority of the nation, particularly the nations heartland, still relate more with conservative principals then they do with views of those in the shrinking northeast and west coast.

The reality is when the majority of the country thinks of Democrats, they think of a party that is associated with the attempt to tear apart the sanctity of marriage, a party that is against the power of prayer and Gods role in life, a party that is behind the continuous attempt by some to weaken the role parents play in raising their children, a party that would rather defend the rights of a murderer on death row then that of an unborn child, a party that believes the government not the worker is better at spending the country’s wealth and the list goes on.

Sure Iraq is an issue that doesn’t sit well currently with many Americans but most Americans understand why we’re there and it won’t alter their votes come November, as it didn’t alter their votes yesterday in California. The biggest risk to Republicans is not Iraq or the failures of FEMA but themselves. If Republicans are able to stay out of the trap Democrats have fallen into and stick to their core principals November will once again leave Democrats on the outside looking in and until Democrats stop running their party as if San Francisco and the New York Times are the pulse of the country it will stay that way for a long time.

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