Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Democrat pushing for national healthcare:

No matter how many facts you throw at Democrats they still continue to focus on the worst plans for our economy. This weekend John Kerry was pushing for universal healthcare at a fundraising event.

Here is a look at some the wait times you can look forward too, based on wait times is Europe, if Kerry’s plan goes into affect.

8 months for cataract surgery
11 months for a hip replacement
12 months for a knee replacement
5 months to repair a slipped disc
5 months for a hernia repair

To put it into perspective my mom blew her knee out several years ago and had her knee replacement done in less than a week.

It’s because of socialized healthcare in Europe and like the plan John Kerry wants to introduce that medical tourism in countries like India has become a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s right people from Canada to Britain visit places like India’s Escorts Hospital and Research Center to get treatment on medical issues despite being able to get it free in their home country because the wait time in their country, especially for heart procedures, could be the difference between life and death.

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