Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why does someone have to be blamed?

Everybody is up in arms because Mayor Bloomberg praised Con Edison for the work they did in getting Queens back on line. People are angry because the Mayor has chosen not to blame anyone. What I want to know is why do people feel the need to blame someone?

Face it, events like this happen. Sure it stinks, but this is the necessary evil that we must have to deal with in our spoiled era of air-conditioning, refrigerators and everything else we take for granted. For people who want to blame Con Ed, do you expect Con Ed to anticipate when wires are about to blow? Do you anticipate when a light bulb in your house is about to blow and change it before hand or do you flip the switch, watch it blow and change it then? This is no different except it takes allot more time to replace high powered wires then a 100 watt bulb.

The mayor is right in saying Con Ed did a good job getting things back on line considering the circumstances. Could things maybe been a bit more efficient? Sure but so could anything when it hits unexpectedly. I think we should spend days like this reminding ourselves just how good we have it.

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