Friday, July 14, 2006

Blessing in Disguise?

Could all of this bad publicity actually help out KT McFarland? The NYPost in the last month has published 4 or 5 “damning” articles about KT. While each one scored its own shock value, in the end all I came away with is she has some family problems, that when dressed down, aren’t too far different than your average family.

So how could this really help her? Name recognition! John Faso is having that problem right now. While he is losing to The Sheriff by 40 points now, it can be blamed on him having only a %35 statewide name recognition. Now I am not saying getting slandered in one of the only right leaning newspapers is the best way to get your name out there, but one thing I know is that I have seen very little of John Spencer in the newspapers. This could definitely be a time when the cliché of “Even bad press is good press” holds true.

What I would like to see from KT now is to take advantage of this situation and use it as a platform to get her real issues and experience out to the public. This is the wrong time to hear what went on behind closed doors and who said this and that. However, this is the right time before that black ink dries up, to tell us what she will do for all of NY.

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