Thursday, August 03, 2006

Does Hillary Clinton believe in the role of a parent?

On July 25th the Senate passed a bill that would prohibit the taking of minors across state lines to circumvent laws in states that requires parents be notified when their child is having an abortion. Hillary Clinton in all her wisdom voted against the bill.

I have several issues with her vote and will ask some questions that our NY media doesn’t have the guts to ask her.

1) Does Hillary Clinton believe that parents do not have the right to know when their daughters are about to undergo a medical surgery procedure?

2) Does Hillary Clinton feel that states that pass laws saying parents need to be involved can and should be ignored because she says so?

3) Who does Hillary Clinton think should be legally responsible if a child experiences complications during her abortion procedure after being taken across state lines to a state that allows abortions without parental notification?

4) Should the parent be allowed to sue Hillary Clinton because she supported it?

5) My biggest problem though is the NY media giving Hillary Clinton a free ride on the issue. Supporting abortion is one thing but encouraging children to go behind their parent’s backs is reckless and dangerous.

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