Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Breaking News: 80.77% of New York voting Democrats are zombies!

80.77%, that’s the percentage of votes Eliot Spitzer received against his primary opponent Tom Suozzi. Now I’ve been following both candidates but I have to ask, have Democrats? Putting all bias’s aside, listening and reading about both candidates, how can any Democrat have walked away and said Spitzer was better then Suozzi?

When it came to experience, Suozzi had Spitzer beat.

When it came to ideas, Suozzi again threw them out on the table every chance he got while Spitzer just restated the problem never telling you what he would do.

Even here on this blog I asked a week ago for people to give me one good reason to vote for Spitzer and the only comments I got were the usual insults. Not one person was able to give me a reason they liked Spitzer.

This all makes me wonder just how influential the media in the city has become. These are not the same Democrats who recognized someone who is just better when they voted for Giuliani. If they were they would have seen right through Spitzer and voted for Suozzi all the way. So just whom did New York Democrats vote for yesterday? Eliot Spitzer or the New York Times?

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