Monday, September 11, 2006

A question I would like the media to ask Bill Clinton:

My biggest frustration with all media is that it seems it never wants to ask the tuff questions. Sure they get bold once and a while but even those questions are never the “oh crap I can’t believe he/she asked that”.

Well if the media ever is looking for a good one, here is my vote. With talk of the U.S. military being overextended and our overuse of National Guard troops, I would like someone to ask former President Clinton the following:

Mr. President, during your Presidency in order to attain a budget surplus you slashed spending on defense in half. You lowered the country’s battle ready battalions from 19 to 10 as well as eliminate almost half our navy ships. Looking back now do you think your actions were premature and in anyway feel your decisions have cost the military vital experienced troops for the current war on terror and any major global conflict that may still arise?

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