Thursday, October 12, 2006

George Bush shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for China:

With North Korea going postal, President Bush has been calling for multilateral talks that include China. President Bush thinks China is a major stakeholder in the region and should be front and center in the talks. China on the other hand since some tough talk a few days ago is now backing away from hard sanctions. The reason is China is better off with a rouge North Korea then a fallen one.

A rouge North Korea keeps America preoccupied. It forces us to waste resources of men and money by promising to protect South Korea. China is not worried that North Korea is going to attack them anytime soon so it’s worth having a country be able to do what China wish they good but never would. Torture America. North Korea allows China to carryout a proxy war against America and it’s Asian neighbors similar to what Iran does with Hamas.

Secondly, if China was to get tough and North Korea was to collapse, South Korea would most likely have to embrace it creating one country. A unified Korea is not good for China. Merging the strongest economy is Asia, South Korea, with North Korea’s military power of soldiers, warheads and now nuclear technology would create a threat to China that they wouldn’t want to face. China would be frantic having what would end up being a mini America right next door.

The claim that South Korea couldn’t handle all those people from the North is false. Besides the military threat to China they now would have an economic one. A unified Korea would create an abundance of cheap labor, which companies would love to get their hands on that they currently are unable too. China would loose its biggest comparative advantage, cheap labor, as companies would rather have a factory in a country that they know they can trust instead of one that is unpredictable.

North Korea is the best thing that has happened to China in its battle with America and will stop at nothing to keep it standing. America has to do whatever it can to make it fall not continue to create policies that prop it up.

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